How does it work?

Gruppi di Continuità (UPS)How can you protect your installations?

The mains, that every day powers our houses, companies and public places, is subject to many disturbances and this can be dangerous for your devices and for the continuity of your work. You need something that constantly and siletly protects what is imortant for you. You need a UPS.

How does it work?

A UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) is an electronic device that is able to improve and modify the way that power is provided. When a UPS receives power from the mains, it modifies it in order to provide alternated current that has been perfectly stabilized, in both voltage and frequency, without interrupting the supply of power.

A UPS can guarantee a stable supply of energy even when the mains is absent. This thanks to its batteries, which are usually on the inside, from which it takes the power that the devices connected to its output require.

Groups Manufactoring’s UPS ensure a regular current, perfect in amplitude and frequency and unaffected by mains’ disturbances. We offer you a complete range of solutions for all your continuity needs, whatever your industry and your appliances might be.