Who we are

Established by a group of pioneers of the energy conversion industry, Groups Manufactoring Srl produces equipment for several markets: IT, medical, telecom, Emergency, Safety, networking and Industrial.
We produce On Line Three-Phase UPS, Voltage Stabilizers, Inverters, and Rescuers.

Groups Manufactoring Srl offers to its customers the best customized solutions and a number of additional services such as:
- UPS rental service,
- Customer assistance before and after sales,
- Constant training for our distributors to keep them always updated on every product feature.

The QUALITY of our work, recognized by the product’s certificates, together with our deep knowledge of the typical issues of the European market, allows us to create highly efficient customized solutions.

Our goal is to put our CUSTOMER at the core of every business decision, becoming trustworthy and competent partners. Thanks to constant updates, we are always ready to tackle every issue assuring accurate, timely and customized solutions.

Our specialist’s proven PROFESSIONALISM and the high quality of our products are the foundations of the trust we instil in our customers.

People buy UPS systems because they have to, because they need to. With us, purchasing one will be easier and the product even more invisible. A good UPS is one you forget about, but still keeps on working in the background, always ready to alert you in case of need.

Our products are just like that. Tireless workers, silent, vigilant and ready to intervene, to save your devices and your data. This is the very philosophy behind our work and is therefore with great pride that we present you our GM PRO Series, which embodies all of our quality.

Keep your business running, choose GROUPS MANUFACTORING.